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Navigating through the exciting world of digital health, "Selfie" was born – a friendly, specialized app crafted to effortlessly assess vision accuracy and give users an instant snapshot of their eye health. My journey involved putting it under the microscope, ensuring its usability was not just up to par, but a joy for users to navigate and engage with.

Selfie - Application for vision accuracy 

Steering the Design Test: Identifying & Elevating UX

Entrusted with spearheading a rigorous design test involving 25 participants, I led the charge to peel back layers of user interaction and experience with the Selfie app, successfully uncovering over 50 potent points of improvement. The meticulous analysis and insightful findings from multiple user testing sessions, particularly focused on validating the efficacy of the tutorial flow via a click dummy Figma prototype against the initial in-app tutorial prototype, crafted a roadmap toward refined user engagement and seamless journey completion without auxiliary aid.

Navigating Regulatory and Usability Avenues

Ensuring that the app not only provided precise and reliable results but also stood up against potential compliance requirements with FDA, European medical device standards, and other global regulatory frameworks (including those from China, India, and Brazil), the usability and reliability of Selfie were placed under a microscope. The objective: to carve out a tool that was not only clinically robust but also epitomized ease of use and user comfort, underscoring our commitment to marrying clinical accuracy with superlative user experience.

image 1.png

Example 1 of insights from User Testing of Selfie 


Example 2&3 of insights from User Testing of Selfie 

Challenge & Solution:

The paramount design challenge was twofold: minimizing user error to prevent false positives/negatives and optimizing UI to avert misclicks and irreversible actions.

To tactically address the first, a credit card-sizing guide was ingeniously incorporated, aiding users in precise calibrations and ensuring accurate outcomes.

For the latter, we meticulously designed the UI, strategically placing buttons and implementing safeguard prompts to prevent unintended actions, thereby achieving not just a user-friendly but also a fault-tolerant interface.

OVS is a cutting-edge online platform designed for streamlined vision screening, ensuring users can assess their eyesight remotely and conveniently.


Example 1 of initial flow of OVS

OVS - Online vision screening 

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