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Project aims at building Augmented Reality tools for satellite Assembling, Integration, and Testing/Verification activities.

Steering the Design Test: Identifying & Elevating UX

Innovating Space Tech with AR: The AR4Telecom Project

Embarking on a novel journey with ESA’s AR4Telecom project, I led the UX/UI design realm to bridge Augmented Reality (AR) and satellite Assembly, Integration, and Testing (AIT) processes.


Our mission was simple yet ambitious: to refine and simplify complex satellite building procedures using innovative AR tools. In collaboration with teams from Lusospace, ENEA, and OHB, we crafted a unique AR system, comprising tools to design, implement, and report AIT procedures in a more immersive, interactive way. OHB estimated our approach saved more than 50% time in complex AIT tasks.

After the SW was developed, it was applied to SEVENAIR Rotax motors in Lisbon Portugal: 

Most updated.png

My challenge and achievement lay in meticulously crafting both the Desktop Software and its AR counterpart from the ground up, ensuring intricate satellite procedures were easily and accurately translated into the AR environment, making the complex world of satellite assembly accessible and efficient through user-friendly design.


This project reflects how we can help bridge the gap between complex mixed reality and standard user friendly SW - making the mixed reality approachable for users that are not proficient in mixed reality usage.

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